anyone know about these chillers


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Specifically I am wondering if I can use these in my new JBJ NANOCUBE. I am worried about the actual physical dimensions of the coil. For example:

1) the coil is 3-1/2 inches by 7 inches (OK, I have a 9 inch location where this might fit (more measuring to be done))

2) the different pictures from above links do not indicate exactly how the coil and its extension leader are connected. DR Fosters makes it look like the coil is at a right angle to the lead, but the EBAY ad makes it look like it is parallel to the coil direction.

#2 is important to me because I the NANOCUBE has virtical shafts in the back where it may be possible to add equipment but there is no way there is a seven inch horizontal location.

So I am wondering if anyone in the club uses a drop in chiller like this and if the coil lead can be "bent" as needed or not.

Also I am hoping someone has one of these PRIME chillers and can offer up some personal experiences.

Thanks, Kevin


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I think you're looking at the ebay picture wrong, it's the same way as the Dr's photo. Sort of an optical illusion, as soon as I looked at them both I could see how you thought that.