anyone know how to mount 24" Tek T5 on 24g nano cube JBJ?


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anyone know how to mount Tek T5 on 24g nano cube JBJ?

I just ordered 24" Tek T5 for my 24g nano cube JBJ .
I am thinking about order the legs but I don't know it can adjustable or not because it is kind of too long for my tank length
Thank you very much


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i would say either get the hanging kit or just buy the stuff to hang it from home depot because the hooks to hang it come included. if you did a diy yourself hanging job (like i did) you will save about $25 bucks because they rediculously overcharge for the hanging kit.


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I have one on my 10 gallon (20"s long) and I just made some stands with PVC. Just made 4 pieces the same length (or you can also use couplers) and cut a notch in them about halfway so it will fit on the rim of your tank. I painted them black and they sit perfectly between the tank and the light. Can be more of a pain though if you try to put your hands in the tank, cause they can fall. But instead of cutting off one side to fit on the tank, you can make a notch between each side for it to rest on.