Anyone know what this Acro is called?


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Got this from my store I work at and was epoxying it to the spot on the rock I had picke out and when cutting the plug it ricocheted of the bucket I was using and I just made my own frag. Its been doing better than the mother piece.

I have it under 2 Wavepoint sunwave 39W and 1 39W reef wave and 1 39W Coral wave HOt5's

the Body in full daylight looks like so:
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^its a maroonish purple and the polyps are an orangish.

when just the actinics are on the tips are bright teal/blue. Ill try to get pics of it tonight



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If you still have the mother colony available, take a pic of it. This tiny frag is much too small to be used, to give any type of accurate ID.


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okay.. but mommy is much less appealing lol.
I find it strange that it looks different.. however mommy is halfway down in the tank and the frag is about 4 inches under the water