Anyone know what this is?



I took it out of my refugium.I saw one of these guys the other day and just scooped two more out with my target feeder to make a video and get some more insight about them. i got just over a dozen mangroves planted in a DeepSandBed with three types of macro algae growing with live rocks. I just added some PODs from Reef2 go which is im assuming where they came from.

Im not worried at all, everything in the tank is doing well but i like to know what everthing is in my tank and as such i figured this would be the best forum to ask... Advanced Topics.


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That is indeed a juvie jellyfish. They show up as hitch hikers every once in a great while. most only last a couple of days at most and are harmless. I'd put him back in the fuge and just enjoy it while it lasts.