Anyone looking for a new sump?


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I was thinking that if anyone wanted to buy just the sump from my 150g tank I could do that. It is actually a converted wet/dry that works great and is extremely quiet. The inlet for the drains has a lid with weather striping and plastic screws so you don't have to listen to water splash. There are two inlet holes with bulkheads on the top. There are three holes for 1" schedule 80 bulkheads on into the first chamber for returns from chiller, ato, refugium etc... There are three holes on the end of the sump. One hole is drilled for 1 1/2 inch schedule 80 bulkhead and the other two are for 1" schedule 80 bulkheads. One is high for a ATO or UV return etc... I cut a little out of the top in the second chamber and put in a small shelf for a protein skimmer. It will fit the ASMs, AquaC's, Octopus NW etc... Asking $75.