Anyone looking for Tunze Nano 6025's


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There has been some interest in the 6025's and I know they were hard to come by recently. Maybe this is old news by now but apparently the dealers got them back in stock late last week. I believe 6045's also came in but not sure.
So, anyone looking for these, I imagine that it would be prudent to buy now. One dealer told me that he had received enough to cover back-orders plus just a relatively few more for new orders.

This has been my public service announcement for the day. If it helos just one person, then I feel that it was worth the sacrifice. :D


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Good to know.

The newer Nanostreams have some improvements made, most noticeably they now run completely silent from the start, and I believe they are ready for primetime.

They all now use a stainless steel washer in the motor cavity, rather plastic ones. Stainless steel washer has less friction and not easily clogged up over time. but it can not be glued on so it will drop out of the motor easily, be careful not to lose it since it is so tiny.


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Yeah, I saw that washer. I did not know they had a plastic washer before. They do run quiet but I believe there is some start up noise at first start up like most powerheads, or atleast most I have had, but that could be the Koralia. The Koralias (same pumps) can have just a click or a 3 second racket at start up. The seio controller fixed that issue.

These little Nano's sure are cool, the magnets stick like glue and the little swivel mounting bracket is great . It's unobtrusive, simple and effective.