Anyone looking to upgrade from 30ish gallons to 75 gallons?


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Hi. I have a 75 gallon reef that has gotten out of hand. In my current stage of life (busy job and a 2.5 year old), I just can't maintain it like I need to. I still want to keep my finned friends though, because I spent time bonding a couple pairs of clownfish and shrimp gobies. So I'm looking to downsize to a 30 gallon. So even if it gets messy, it's not as big of a deal to work on.

I'm considering just buying an all in one and selling off equipment, but I thought it would be worth checking to see if anyone wanted to trade.

I have:
-75 gallon, 4-foot custom miracles tank, 5/8 inch glass
-Set up for peninsula display, drilled on one short end with one return, one drain, one emergency drain
-ATI 36" 6-bulb T5 fixture
-Vertex royal exclusive skimmer with red dragon pump
-40 gallon or so sump, custom baffles set up for skimmer > return > fuge > ATO
-Stand, 36" high
-Apex controller (I forget which model model), with 2 powerbars, one addition module, display
-Tunze ATO
-Sicce return pump, tunze and red sea powerheads

I'm looking for:
Simple 30 gallon setup in good shape, with high-quality equipment, ready to add sand, rocks, water and fish.