anyone near evansville

I don't have a tank that size or frags, but I live near Evansville. Just trying to find people around here for future reference. If anyone else is from this area please post. Not sure why reef central don't have a way to search for people in your area.


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looks like they got it fixed lets start posting to see whos around. im not in evansville im in petersburg about 35 min north of it. evansville is the only place that carries saltwater around here that i know of. also if anyone knows of some stores post them here to if we can


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Like I said in the other thread... I'm from Newburgh. Been doing SW for a little over 3 years now and still learning.

beansbro.. I'll be in Petersburg's tomorrow. I'll be installing, and aligning some belt line motors at the old Kindle mine. I also work at the power plant from time to time.


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Right here in Evansville. It seems all the LFS's are moving here in town! One thing I haven't found....maybe someone can help me. Are there any local sources for chaeto?