anyone need a 250 10k? one on ebay going of for 99cents in less then 10 mins.

Hey thanks for that link . Had to try each one out 10k 14k, 20k, 250. The 10 K is rather yellow but ok. The 14 and 20K are awsume. Great for those on a budget. Sorry no pictures of them running though. I see now they are starting them at $9.99 I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I had one bulb work for a few hours then quit and the seller quickly replaced it.
I bought a 14000k 175 watt. It came to $24.50 shipped. I figured it was cheap enough to try and if I didnt like it, I was only out $24.50. It came from China, shipping was surprisingly fast, about 1 week. The seller's communication was good. I like the look of the 14000k, definately very blue, the par seems pretty low, but I have never used a 14000k bulb before so I cannot compare my experience with any other 14000k's.

I took a pic of my tank with it on, along with two 55 watt pc actinics.

Sorry about the quality of the pic, my camera sucks, but it shows the color.