Anyone running T5's & VHO's?

blackie lawless

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I currently have the 4x54w T5 kit and am thinking of picking up a 2x110w VHO retro in order to add two URI Super Actinic Fluorescent Bulbs.

These will only be for Aticnic supplementation, and for the "dawn to dusk" efect, so that I can reduce the amount of time that my T5's are running.

Anyone running something similiar to this, and if so, how do you like the "looks" of it once all T5's and VHO's are running?

David Grigor

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I ran 3 Aquablues and 2 VHO URI Super Actinics for about a year. It was the perfect color I was looking for. However, some LPS never adjusted well to the T5s and after a year I switched back to all VHOs.

I do plan to run T5s again now that UVL ( formerly URI ) have started making T5 bulbs in the supposedly same spectrum.

I would think now they are available, your better off just switching out a bulb or two with the Super Actinics or add another bank of T5s than switch to VHOs.

I did it only because there wasn't the option but now shouldn't need to mix VHOs unless you already have the hardware and don't want to switch it out. You may also want to hold out a few more months and see more reports of just how true the SuperActinics in the T5s are vs. the VHO versions.


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ive got a vho actinic and one ge 6500 t5 running on the same ballast, an icecap 430. i like the combo and it it puts out a lot of light.