Anyone selling a 150g?


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I'll start a new thread...
I thought I'd check before ordering one. I'm in the market for a 150 gallon (5x2x2) RR. Stand and canopy would be cool too, but not neccessary.
Don't need the equipment.
Thanks to all that have PM'd me.

You know, I may even be willing to rearrange the living room so a 6 foot tank will fit. However, it will have to measure 72x24x24 (180 gallons)

I'm pretty set on 2 feet deep and 2 feet tall.

SO, I'm looking for either a 5x2x2 or a 6x2x2. That should open up the possibilities quite a bit.

FYI- I have a 6 foot light kit with 2-96w PC and 3 single ended 175 MH that I have been looking to sell so if you find that 180 and need a lightkit talk to me first.
I ordered a 180 from Lee-Mar. I'll find out Monday how long it's going to take. Here's how I planned the holes and overflow. The big holes are drains, one for sump and one for closed loop. The small holes in the overflow are returns, the small holes in the main tank are closed loop returns. I'll "Y" each one with lock-line.

Oh, and I'm going to build a steel stand myself, and skin it with wood. I'll use my current 55gal as the sump, and my current 30gal sump as the fuge. I have a feeling this is going to be quite a project, so I'll make sure to get pictures.

A friend of mine works for a steel supplier. He said I can get it at his cost, and I'll weld it myself. I found a great powdercoater in Tucson when I was getting a bunch of motorcycle parts powdercoated. They'll probably do the stand in gloss black for around $75.
Yeah, it's a project alright. I just spent two hours staring at my tank and drawing out the holes on the glass. Once you drill there is no turning back.

It is just so hard to plan ahead. . . how will the aquascape cover the drain? what if the outer bulkheads are too close to the front glass and I can't get a rock over that? blah blah blah, see what I mean. Well, break is over now to do a bit more staring then drilling the holes.