anyone selling a Switching Current Water Director (SCWD)


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Look for if some one has one laying around




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It's in a box in the garage. I just remember pulling it off the pump. Don't recall whether I rinsed it after that so it probably needs to be soaked. Seems I have a lot of stuff sitting in the garage that I just didn't like and replaced. I work in ML. I will PM my work phone.


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squids are dirt cheap - bout $50 bucks

Ya they are like 30 bucks new now. I just sold a NIB one for 25 shipped to get rid of it.


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just wondering if anyone out there still has one for sale? I'll be setting up my closed loop soon and would really like a SQWD on my closed loop. Just curious! Or even if someone has an oceans motions sea squirt or wavy sea for $100 or less. Let me know