Anyone tried PE mysis Pellet food?


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Some of my picky eaters that don't like Spectrum pellets, are going after PE pellets.

Even my nassarius snails are coming out looking for food, they only do that when I feed frozen food. Pretty impressive

Only down side is the 1mm is really small. I've always fed my fish Spectrum 1mm, and this seems to be quite a bit smaller. I already ordered the 2mm, which should be perfect. I'll probably end up mixing the two, that way my smaller fish can eat the 1mm and the larger tangs can eat the 2mm.

Anyways, it's good stuff, give it a try!


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where did you get it from?

Good ol amazon.

Is it slow sinking as the package says? Been wanting to give it a try

Idk if it's slow sinking. They seem to sink the same as Spectrum.

I hadn't heard of these, thanks! I'm going to pick up some of the 2mm to give them a try

I think your fish will love it. My Cardinals have finally started eating pellets after years of only eating frozen food. I was really surprised.

wiz careefa

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they work great. they are smaller than the spectrums 1mm. fish seems to love them. easier for smaller fish to eat compared to the spectrum which i would have to break up for the smaller fishes.


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Hopefully the 2mm size is a little better for my bigger fish. My fish are def having a great response to this food vs Spectrum. They are Spectrum, but they seem to go crazy for PE pellets.


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I bought the 2mm and my fish went nuts over them. most of those fish never had pellets before since I feed frozen only. I'll be using these with the NSL pellets in the auto feeder


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Brs just started selling these. I wonder if my bengai would eat them? They only eat frozen now.

None of my fish have ever wanted pellets. Except the Melanurus, which I'm beginning to suspect is actually an underwater pig.. But you name it.. Hikari, V20, Ocean Nutrition, NLS, NLS Thera A, all of that with/without Selcon. Not a fish cared, it floated by like it wasn't there.

Everyone whose tried this stuff rants and raves about it, so I'm guessing it's worth the $7 to find out.


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Another happy customer, all the fish love it! Anthias, angels, tangs, wrasses, even my marine Betta goes for it.


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I better give this a try! I have a new Sunburst Anthias that isn't eating. He just hides whenever I feed the tank. Hopefully this will do the trick. I have some of the sample packs from MACNA


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Silicon Concentrate states that "Freeze dried miss shrimp are extremely beneficial since they absorb 6-7 times their weight in Selcon tm additive."


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Glad people are trying this product. My fish are loving it. Just make sure you get the 2mm size. 1mm is almost like powder. Way too small.