Anyone try this type of drain? A "skimmer pipe" from drilled holes? (pic)

nemo g

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finally decided on a 65g tank, now id like to make the most of it.

ive also decided to drill and recoup any of the space that would have been used by an internal overflow. so heres my idea:

<img src=""/>

as you can see, the drainage skimmer pipe is just pvc with slots cut into it (just like in a maxi-jet mod). if done correctly, the pipe can be twisted to get the desired water level.

i havent decided yet as to how many holes i want to drill. if i just want two and go with some type of manifold, or do the four that you see in the diagram.

also trying to decide if this is the best/preferred design. i have also considered two smaller pipes on each side. the aim is to reduce the need for internal devices and increase the efficiency of skimming the waters surface.

i have seen similar designs with plexi, creating an entire area of the rear of the tank just for skimming. im not sure if all that space is needed (unless the drainage flow demands it) and i dont find it particularly appealing.

has anyone tried this? results? images?