Anyone use the Jumbo mysis from Hikari? How big are they?


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I'm searching for some good variety to feed my fuzzy dwarf lion, and would love to feed him mysis, but he completely ignores them.

I can get my LFS to special order the Hikari jumbo mysis, but before I do that I'd like to know that they are actually a reasonably large size for a 4" lion to take.

Any opinions on this?


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I love the Hikari brand of food. I get the regular mysis and they are already de shelled and pealed basically. All you get is the meat. With other brands I see my fish spit half of it back out because its not the meaty parts.


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Things may have changed since my pack, but my Hikari Jumbo "mysis" are NOT shelled. They are like small krill (with shells). Only my largest fish 5-6"+ will eat them, and then only the smaller ones, and only with some effort. They make great RBTA food, too :D