anyone use these???


Mangroves are kool.
I don't have those but to control cyano control your water make sure phosphates and nitrates are close and even better 0 plus reduce feeding but don't reduce photo period because that IMO is a waste of time. I have battled it and it will go away but to make your tank look nice siphon it out.


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I don't use them... for cyano, find the source of the excess nutrients (phosphate) and minimize/eliminate.. a phosban reactor works well if you cant eleiminate the source.... if you go the route of the fighting conches (they are actually quite peaceful), keep in mind they have an insaitable (sp?) appetite and supplemental feeding (especially if this is a small tank) will be required to keep them alive. They are very good for sand sifting and eating diatoms and cyano as you noted.