anyone using a schuran jetstream-1 calc rxtr?


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well i just bought one off a fellow reefer, who by the way gave me a deal of a lifetime!! i would like to find out how to feed the reactor. the guy b4 me was using a parastalic pump, hospital looking like thing, but im not sure if i have to use that or if i can use some other powerhead like an mj1200. any thought would be great, and easy on the reactor lingo im new at this.

this is the reactor here




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I just put a T in my return line and use a 1/2" MPT to 3/8" Watts fitting from Home Depot to feed my reactor. (Menard turned me on to this fitting a while back, I had been using a thread tap to make my own but this is much simpler)

The return pump creates enough pressure to drive the reactor without having to use another dedicated pump.


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If you need to push the reactor effluent to any height, best to just tap off your return pump.


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I have used the aqualifter mini pumps in the past to feed my Ca Rx with good results. I think they are less than $15 at PA, and easier to plumb for me than a T off of a main line.