anyone using eductors like the ones sold on Marine Depot?


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Yes, I am using that exact one on my 40 breeder. It was the only way to get flow from my return pump to the opposite end of the tank. You need to run it with a pressure rated pump though or else you will be dissapointed. It works as advertised as long as you have enough pump behind it.


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I use something similiar and they work great. Like Joe said though, you really need a pressure rated pump for them to work right.


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Yeah, I have reeflo dart, which isn't pressure rated, I've heard they still work, but not as well.


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thanks mystery_reef, so you use them with a non-pressure pump? got any pics of it in use?


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I use them as well on non pressure rated and pressure rated pumps. The amp draw in both cases is lower however the non pressure rated pumps draw significantly less. .76 amps for a 1.9 amp iwiaki 1200 gph non pressure pump.

Flow unmeasured, but feels like a 3000gph Tunze Stream.

:) Eductors Rock :)



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I run them but not with a pressure rated pump. My flow from them is more then doubled. Easy flow upgrade.


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With a dart it should be fine....I've heard a rule of thumb is that they need around 1000 gph going through them to really work....I tried them with a snapper that with head loss was pushing probably 600 through each return, and they did not work. I think aquacave has them pretty cheap, and they are local so standard shipping is usually overnight.


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does aquacave have a storefront, or online only?

Online only but you can request a pickup (really nothing to see as it is a warehouse)