Anyone using iPad to post pics?? Possible?


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I have an iPad 2 with a camera and now I find myself surfing reef central on my couch. Can I post pics with this thing?


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You can download the photobucket app and use that to upload the photos to their site, then It will give you the link to post so you can post directly to the site here. Thats the only way I know how to do it, but it works great and is super simple.


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I'd assume you can access google's picasa as well if you upload them on your computer from your camera first. you basically just copy and paste the link right in. I don't like photobucket because eventually the pics stop working for people after awhile.


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I use mobile me. Click and hold the picture in mobile me gallery till it says copy image/copy link. Copy the link and paste into the img upload in reefcentral forums. Easy as pie.