Apex app for android not working


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I just got my new Motorola Bionic smartphone and installed the Apex app.
I copied all set up information from my computer and I'm getting and error on the phone.
"XML Parser failed".I don't know what this means and cant see any of the outlets.The graphing feature and feed programs seams to work.
Any help appreciated


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Is your Apex firmware up-to-date; I am not familiar with the requirements of the Android app but it may need to have later firmware than you are running; just a guess.


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Idouble checked settings,
I am using dyndns service.
Ihave tried http://apexweb.dyndns.org:xxxx
and apexweb.dyndns.org:xxxx
Neither work correctly.
Same settings on laptop whichworks regular Apex webpage fine .
Have not been able to check firmware yet.Updated not long ago,2 months at most..


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Just got this error today as well...weird. It has been working fine for months until today.


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I have been using firmware version 4.11_8B11 and the android app version 1.9.5 for a while and do not have any issues.


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Sorry, I am behind on some of these requests. I think I already have one response in my PM box, could anyone still having errors please PM me your url, user & pw so I can debug the problem.

To help, please make sure that the URL you enter into the prefs + "/cgi-bin/status.xml" returns valid results for your outlets and probes when you access it from the browser on your phone?

Thanks and I'll knock off those that are in my PM box tonight.


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Adding to the known bug list:
  • Any 'blank' outlet names will cause problems. Please name each outlet. To be safe, use a unique name. ie: spare1, spare2 etc.
  • If there are any outlets with profiles set such as dimmable LEDs that show PF1 in their status, the app will throw an error if you try to update the current state of any outlet.