apex el without internet


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I have always had trouble with my apex classic constantly dropping connection with my wifi connection in my house. Restart all the routers and apex and connects again for maybe an hour or so and then drops off for days. No other wireless devices in my house have a problem so I thought it was the old wireless bridge needed to connect the apex. Long story short I bough the Apex EL thinking the new built in Wifi would fix the issues.

Was great for a day but now constantly drops again. Very disappointed in Apex in many ways, but my question is can I just control this thing without it being connected to wifi? I type apex.local and it doesn't work. A lot of laptops don't have Ethernet cable jacks anymore so I cannot hard wire it that way. It says on the website you can access this when the internet is down, but I can't figure out how? Thanks.


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I'm not familiar with the new Apex - I'm a classic guy myself - but you should be able to control it locally just fine, without wifi. You're obviously going to have to connect to it somehow, either wireless or wired, and you're commenting about not being able to hard wire to it. If that's the case, then you need wifi... it's one or the other.

In order to access it locally via wifi, the best thing to do is use the local address that the Apex is talking to your router on. You should be able to decipher that address by logging into your router and looking at the connected devices. Try using that address, versus the apex.local.

Reading your first paragraph, it sounds to me like this is a router issue... not an Apex issue - old or new version. But without additional network info, it's hard to pinpoint where the problem specifically is.