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I have two outlets on my energy bar that i can not seem to control

outlet 4_4 (t5 x 2 bulb)
outlet 4_7 (t5 fan)

both outlets are setup using the "light wizard" timer

they should turn on at 9 am
4_4 should turn off at 9pm
4_7 should turn off at 9:15pm

When i set them to auto they will turn on about 10-15 minutes and stay ON until i manually turn off.

It is 8:30a on my apex and both 4_4 and 4_7 are in the ON position

Please help! :eek: Ive had the apex installed for over 8 months and this started about a month ago :strange:


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Change to Control type Advanced so you can see the actual programming, then copy and paste the programming for both outlets here.

The clock in the Apex is correct?


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4_4 (t5x2)
Fallback OFF
If Time 09:00 to 21:00 Then ON
If Temp > 82.0 Then OFF
Min Time 060:00 Then OFF


4_7 (t5 fan)
Fallback ON
If Time 09:00 to 21:20 Then ON
If Temp > 90.0 Then OFF
Min Time 005:00 Then OFF

the time is set correctly

Thank you for your help


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You can delete the Min Time statements; they are intended to allow a cool-down period for metal halide lighting; this is not needed for T5s.

Alos, remove the If Temp > 90.0 Then OFF statement from the fans outlet. It makes no sense to have the fans shut off if the temp is high. If anything, I'd make the fans mirror the state of the lights:

Fallback ON
If Outlet 4_4 = ON Then ON

But otherwise, programming is OK - I don't see any reason for the behavior you describe.


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I Set it to 90 so that it would never reach that point
I realize now I can just delete that statement

One more thing please...
How can I tell the ATO to stay off for an additional 10 min if/when I cancel "feed d"?
The ATO is plugged into 4-1

Thank you very much Russ


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Simple solution - don't cancel a feed cycle. Just walk away and let the deed cycle just run it's programmed course. :D

If you really want to, you can do this:

Create a virtual outlet, called CancelDelay for example

If FeedX 000 Then ON
Defer 010:00 Then OFF

Modify the FeedX as needed to A, B, C, or D.

Add this to the end of your ATO outlet:

If Outlet CancelDelay = ON Then OFF