Apex internet disconnect/freeze issue


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I'm having a issue with my apex. I can't figure it out, but these are the symptoms that occur each time I have the issue.

1.) Internet connection loss, I am unable to connect to the apex and change settings
2.) Settings freeze, whenever the issue starts all settings stay the same. If the issue happened at night, then the tank lights will stay in night mode even past when day lights should turn on. The settings freeze applies to auto settings like ATO, heater, circulation pumps as well. None of these will come ON once the freeze has happened.

I have figured out how to manually fix the problem, restarting internet settings, using the Apex's display. Once I restart the internet settings, the tank returns to proper function. Until the issue happens again. It has probably happened 4-5 times over the last year.

Does anyone know why my settings are freezing up like this?
I would guess the problem is on the Apex's end, not the wifi end, because I don't have to change anything on the router to get the problem fixed.


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Except for the fact that all programming sounds like it locks up, I would guess that your Apex setting for DHCP is turned on, and at some point your Apex loses its lease on the IP address and goes off your network. And for some reason, it's not being reassigned by the router. I'm not a network guy, so I could be totally wrong there, but that aspect of your problem sounds like a DHCP issue. Once the Apex reestablishes a connection to the router, I'd go in and turn DHCP to "OFF" and then make note of that now-static IP address.


...the whole programming locking up is odd. When this happens, are the green lights on the EBx lit up constantly? They're not orange, or blinking, are they?

Does the "restart" in the Network Settings menu do a hard reboot on the controller? Or does it just reestablish a network connection? I didn't know that option existed in that submenu until I checked mine out after reading this post.