Apex Jr PM Modules


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I was interested in finally buying an apex . Been trying to decide on a tank size, and Im going to go with the 180. My question is can you get a JR and use a DC 8 and another 4 or 8? Also, can you buy the pH probe with it . I want to run a pH and a temperature probe . I might run 2 heaters, and try to have 1 kick on when 1 fails. I wanted to control 4-6 different lights on different timers. I don't need the ethernet capability, but might want to get one later.

So if i want to control these things, and later maybe get the ethernet and another pH probe, possibly a salinity probe, should I get the Jr, and keep upgrading modules, or should I get the elite or regular .


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Ethernet is built-in to all three Apex models.... it is not an extra-cost addition.

You cannot use a DC8 or DC4 with Apex Jr; those are for older AquaController models. If you meant EB8 / EB4, yes, you can add them to an Apex Jr system. You can have a total of 4 add-on modules (plus a display) connected to a Jr.

To add pH and/or salinity to an Apex Jr, buy the appropriate PMx module(s)... PM1 for pH, PM2 for conductivity/salinity. Get the appropriate probe at the same time you buy the PMx (don't forget to buy calibration solutions too!)

If you can afford to get a full Apex or Lite right off the bat, I'd go for it... you will have plenty of future scalability. The Apex Jr is a good way to get started without a big investment, but there are expansion limits, and a maxed-out Jr system can cost more in the long run in some cases.