Apex Temp Probe Issues


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I thought I had this fixed but I guess not. My temp probe is reading 3 to 4 degrees higher than what I have it calibrated too. I have this Probe calibrated right at 78.0 and I am running this off of PM1 module and I change the probe name so it does not interfere with the other Temp probe I have on my other system. Right now I have other probes along with a Mercury Thermometer and a Finnex controlled heater with another digital thermometer all reading around 81 to 82 degrees. My probe is reading 77.5 to 78.1 since I have it set as

turn temp on : 77.5
turn temp off : 78.0

I like running my tanks kind of cool and my corals love it but lately this has been an issue for me with this darn temp probe... Anyway to fix this?



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Are you looking for a way to adjust the reading the temp probe is giving to the apex? In Configuration>Probe setup>Temp there is an otion that is Ofset. for every 1 point in there you change it the temp probe changes .1 degree I believe. If that isn't the info you were looking hopefully someone with more knowledge then me (which isn't hard to find at all) will chime in. Good Luck