apex trident maintenance every 18-24 months -- what do you feel about what's needed?


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I'm glad I thought about this before I decided to buy one. I'm not saying I won't but it does for me put a wrench in the deciding. Every 18-24 months it needs maintenance (makes sense). It will take 2 hours (for me likely longer b/c you haave to be so careful not to lose any of the tiny pieces or mess something up while doing it). I saw a vid of someone doing maintenance on theirs and I woudl not want to do that put it that way. OR it seems it can be serviced (which may? take a fair amount of time sending in, getting it back). I dont mind the cost for self service estimated at under $100. Anything more not so good. I'm thinking sending it in woudl be $200 (labor) plus? shipping in.

For Trident users? Is this worth it to you? For those with tanks up to 250 gallons? Im thinking for super huge tanks it would be more worth it.

Did you know about this specific maintenance time and cost when you got it?



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I have a trident for my Fusion 25 lol.. It's worth it to me but can be a pain. Just even routine maintenance is a pain. I ran out of reagents when they were impossible to get during COVID so it sat around for a few weeks. It took me most of the day to get it working again due to clogged tubes, recalibration, etc. I didn't know there was specific 18-24 month maintenance, but I can't imagine it can be that bad. I've basically taken apart the whole thing and put it back together again already.