Apex VDM serial port to converter for breakout box?


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I have a Apex Jr with the VDM module that has the serial port. Need to connect my breakout module but it needs a I/O port.

I was wondering if it's possible to put a serial to Din converter adapter into the vmd serial and then the breakout box to the converter?

Anyone tried that?


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I don't think that will work. The I/O port send a small voltage thought the ports and when the current is constant or broken is how the apex knows if the switch is open or closed.
The serial port on the vdm looks like it is a 0-10v controller port.

Just add a pm1 or pm2.
I added a pm2 in my laundry room just so I could make my ro/di automated.


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Trade the VDM for a PM1/PM2. :)

Besides, VDM is an output device while the BoB is an input device. I don't get the idea you are trying to do. Connectivity is one thing, but making it work is another thing. Maybe I miss something major here.
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