April Photo of the month contest


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**Open to CTARS members only**

This month's prize will be a frag or two out of my tank

To recognize scott (swannyson7) for everything he has done for our club and i wanted to keep our club going in a good direction. So i picked a theme that comes to mind when i think of his tank the theme will be cleanliness of your tank. ( This could mean how clean you setup your tank to how clean your stand is to how clean your mature sand bed is be creative)Clean up your tank show us what your workin with :)
* Contest is open to current CTARS members only. If you're not a member, please don't waste my time or yours by entering.
* Deadline is April 16th @ 11:59 PM EST. Any photos submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
* One entry per member.
* Photos should be no more than 1000 pixels wide/high on their longest dimension.
* Photos must be taken by you and should be taken within the past 3 months. If a photo looks familiar, I can check the date with an EXIF data viewer, so please no cheating!
* Photos will be judged on proper focus, correct usage of white balance, & composition.
* Winner will be anounced prior to the April meeting.
* Images the have already been submitted to previous photo contests will not be considered.
* Previous winners must wait 3 months before being eligible to win again.

And last but not least, a request that I have no way of enforcing.When the frags grow out into colonies and you decide to start pruning, please bring some frags to a CTARS meeting for the raffle prior to selling them.

Thank you swannyson7 hope you don't mind :)
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Oh wow very cool of you Ron! I could toss a purple hornet into the pot for the winner of the contest!


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Should there be an age restriction for this one? A tank only running for a couple months that is just getting started with a bioload is going to look a lot cleaner than a 7 year old mature reef. No matter how much time you spend cleaning it....


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True salty but it could be how clean you ran your pipe work or how clean your stand looks of how clean your build looks in general but this might be a hard topic if I don't get any bits by tonight I will change the subject


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Also I thought about it going to have my wife pick the winning photo so its fair no no favoritism :) so anyone has a chance also have prizes lined up already for next couple months so excited :)


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My advanced/state of the art glass cleaning system:



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Bubba you need to call ghost buster s to clean your tank you have a female ghost in there. :p