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what is the best and quickest thing to combat aptasia


chemical (besides joes juice)or fish


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If you do a search for "aipstasia" you'll come up with tons of threads with different suggestions. I first bought Peppermint shrimp but they've never touched it. I tried boiling water but the one spot I have in my tank came back. I then did the kalk paste method and so far have not seen it come back.


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joes juice is it... theres some home made stuff thats like lemon juice and kalkwater... someone else can give the correct recipe.

and for fish, peppermint shrimp and lion fish. more lion fish, peppermint shrimp are hit and miss if they eat it, and how big of a stalk they will take on. lionfish present their own problems, IE you have to have a lionfish... lol.


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I just added live sand to my tank, and the aptasia just dissolved. I think the sand got into them and just ripped them up. It may have been the fact that the tank was beginning to cycle though.

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peppermint shrimp work! I have always had great success with peppermint shrimp. Also a copperband butterfly does a great job too.


the most sure fire to get rid of aiptasia is to get some berghia nudibranchs. They'll make quick work of your aptasia.


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are you positive that lionfish eat the aptasia, because what I plan on doing is moving my live rock from my smaller tank which has some aptasia and star polyp and transfering them in to my 175g.

The lion fish was going to be one of the fishes that I was going to get.

thanks all for responding

also does anyone know the best brand of kalk to get


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Lion fish do not eat aiptasia.. lol

Only butterfly fish may, and usually people use copperband butterflies. These are difficult fish to keep though.