aqua C remora skimmer help!!!


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Hi guys! I need a little input on a installation that I'm going to do on a skimmer, my tank is a 38 gallons nuvo we're the skimmer is going to get install, the skimmer will be hanging on the right hand side were the baffle is, now the pump that I will be using is a mag drive 3 and this is were my dilemma starts! I don't want to put that pump inside the water cause I feel that it is going to put to much heat in to the water, so I'm thinking to plumb the pump with pvc pipe so that the intake of the pump is the only thing inside the water and the rest of the pump is outside, now due to clearance issues I will have to use an elbow pipe on the skimmer intake, I wonder if by adding an elbow to the intake side will cause the skimmer to lose any performance, I'm only saying this cause I read that adding elbows to the pump flow will reduce the head pressure to certain degree.


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yeah, I think you'd be better off replacing the mag drive 3 with one that will generate less heat if it's an issue.

Alternatively, you can try it and see if it gets too warm in there. Just run it at a time you can watch the temps. I have a mag7 in my 40 gallon and heat is not an issue.


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The elbows are going to decrease your flow and the overall performance of the skimmer but it won't be to a point that it would be worth replacing. You'll still get good skimmate.