aqua c remora vs coralife super skimmer 65 gallon


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i am deciding between the two skimmers for use of HOB. what is a better skimmer for my 60 gallon FOWLR tank? i currently own the coralife super skimmer and was wondering if i should sell it for the remora since it will save space.
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You know... that's a good question. I want to say to stay with the CSS but if I were you I would upgrade it to the 125 or even the 220.

This isn't to say the Remora isn't a good skimmer, I am sure it is, but from my own experience with the CSS I love it. It's a good skimmer for the price and the skimmate it pulls is quality.
IMO I'd say stick with what you have. I have a Remora and it works great but only after upgrading to a 500g/h pump. With the maxi-jet it just didn't produce enough bubbles and with the bigger pump it eliminates your idea of saving space.
I have 2 tanks, one with a remora and one with a remora pro. I like the remora skimmers because they are minimal maint. and the only thing you need to adjust is the collection cup band. I have not used any other type of skimmer though.
I currently have a Coralife Super Skimmer 125 on my system, with about 80 total gallons. It's a 90 gallon display and about 30 of sumps/refugium etc. less rock & sand displacment. I have been contemplating changing the skimmer because it is so hard to adjust. It either overflows or does not produce ant skimmate. I have been thinking about going to an Aqua C EV-180 or 220, any comments
I would also consider getting a deltec. I picked up a used(8 months old) one for $350 shipped. I got the APH525 for my 58 gallon with 20 gallon sump. an awesome skimmer and I got it for half price used. They sell new for around $650 shipped I think. The quality on the deltecs is tough to beat.