Aqua controller Jr problem


After not changing the settings for a while. I decided to change the lighting schedule but I how have a problem. When I set the program and use the time to change the program, I cant change the < sign to equal it skips pass that and goes right to the time. everytime . I tried to unplug it so it will reset but that didnt work. I havent been able to program my controller for over a week. Now what ? Can it be fixed?
If not and I have to buy an Apex, can the DC8 also be used with the apex ?

Thank for your help.


Yes, a DC8 can be used with the full Apex or the Lite but not the Jr. It won't have some of the more advanced features that the new energy bars do (like amperage reporting) and it's not quite plug and play - you'll have to set the dip switches, but it WILL work with the Apex.