Aqua Dreams BOGO Sale


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Aqua-Dreams is having a BOGO Sale (Buy One Get One 1/2 Off)this weekend with coupon.

Aqua Dreams Coupon

They have a bunch of nice looking LPS - Frogspawn, Torch's, Pagoda's, a couple brains, zoo's, mushrooms, rics. Not much in the way of SPS. They also have several hundred lbs of decent Gulf Coast live rock.

Gas is only $2.69 next door.
If anyone is interested, Aquadreams just got some giant carpets. He has 2 blue and 3 purple.

maybe tyler and i could chip in to buy one and frag it. one will go to his new anemone prop system, and ill take the other:)
although that wouldnt remidie the fact that i dont have room for it. but maybe if you tell me the price ill know if i want to chip in;)