Aqua Euro Nano Skimmer II in 12 Gallon Nano Questions....


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Hey guys!

I just got an Aqua Euro Nano Skimmer II and installed it into my 12 Gallon Nano in the first chamber where the overflow dumps water into the filter. My questions are:

1. Is it the right place to put the skimmer?

2. The collection cup is adjustable so if i push it down closer to the reaction chamber it's too close and the collection cup collects a lot of water. How far up should it be from the reaction chamber?

3. I just set this tank up for the first time on Sunday with, 20lbs live sand and 6 pound of live rock, so it's begining the nitrogen cycle. How long until i see some significant foam and goo collecting in my collection cup?

4. What are you thoughts about this skimmer? any pointers?

Your feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks guys!



I use to have one. It was pretty noisey. If the noise doesn't bother you it shouldnt be an issue. If you check out Coralfish12 on YouTube he has the Aqua Euro 2 and does a review on it.