AquaC - ETSS - Skimmers


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Anyone familiar with the AquaC EV series and/or the ETSS Evolutions?

I have a Reef Devil Deluxe. Seemed to work better after break in than now, 6 months later. I guess I can't complain as all my parameters are excellent. But still, seems like it should be producing more/darker skimmate.

Anyway, I'm thinking of trying something else. It must be able to work externally. Was considering a beckett but really dont want to deal with the pump required to operate it effectively. So, I'd like it to work with my existing pump so I was considering trying the AquaC EV-180 or the ETSS Evolution 500, both of which conform to my set-up and which my pump should be well suited. I know the Evolution is also a Downdraft like the Reef Devil but supposed to be a countercurrent design as well.

Any thoughts on these two? EV-180 or Evolution in comparison to the Reef Devil Deluxe? Anyone using either? Would either or both be considered enough of a better skimmer that it would be worth the switch?