AquaC EV400 skimmer


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I purchased an AquaC EV400 about 3 weeks ago and am having problems with the skim going high enough to get into the collection cup. It is outside the sump and am using a Mag24 pump. The pump is about 1.5ft below the skimmer. The skim comes to about 2 or 3 inches below the bottom of the collection cup but goes no higher. Wondering if I might need to but in a bal valve to control the flow-too much? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Try to ask gcarrol.He has the aquac skimmer and knows alot about them.He will tell you what you can do to make the skimmer work better.


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Thanks for the vote of confidence Steve!

The mag 24 is enough to run the skimmer but with no head pressure. if the skimmer is older it may have the 3/4" injector. You may want to contact AquaC for the 1" injector so you can run 1" hose from the pump to the injector. This will allow more water to get through the injector producing more foam. If you already have the 1" injector, you will need to close the gate valve a quarter turn at a time til you get the skimmate you desire. One thing you will find is that it is totally useless to adjust the skimmer after feeding, adding supplements, or sticking your hands in the tank. It takes a long time to recover due to it building a 20+" head of foam.