AquaC Remora Wet skimmate?!


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Its been over 2 months now and I cant seem to figure out the problem? I clean the skimmer every 2-3 days or so but no help. i do dose a little purpleup everyday to help with calcium until I can go to a two part. my stocking list is really light with no fish at the moment bc of ich problem


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1. Everytime you clean your skimmer it takes time to start up again.
2. No fish = little to nothing to skim but you can get skimmate w/o fish if that makes sense.
3. Purple Up is useless so that is good that you going to use a two part.
4. As many of women have told men over the years, it isn't you it is me. Sadly most people report wet skimmate (light green tea) only from this brand of skimmer. Yes some report that it works but it is on the very low end of working skimmers. And sadly yes I have experience with both of these situations: women and the skimmer.


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Are you using any type of medications? Or, any "conditioners", i.e. Amquel, or any salt mixes that contain those conditioners, i.e. Coral Sea Complete? Red Slime remover, etc.?


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I stopped using that skimmer for the same reason. Nothing but light green water in the collection cup. Switched to a Tunze 9002 and now i'm getting some sludge.

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I have the same skimmer, still working after 4 years, Mag3 pump...and with the oring on the lowest possible setting, it has always made wet skimmate. I bought the extended skimmer cup and it bought me an extra 1-2 days between cleaning the skimmate cup


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One of my least fav skimmers. It's not a sea clone but it's pretty poor. eBay it and what you make will almost get you a quality hob skimmer