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I was wondering who is using AquaC skimmers and what your experience has been with them. I just bought an AquaC EV400. I was previously using Bermuda Aquatic HOB on my 155gl which was great but needed to upgrade as I'm going to a 300gl tank. This skimmer is rated to 400gls. I had a lot of problems getting it to skim correctly but this skimmer operates on a completely different type of format than the others I've used. Just wondering what others experience has been and any problems or issues you may have had.




I have the EV-120 on my 90gal tank and I like it. I'm sure you will get a ton of people to respond on how they couldn't get the thing to work at all, but that hasn't been my experience.

I will say that it does seem to be sensitive to what pump is used..

One of the things I liked about it, was that I could plumb it in sump or out, and it was fairly short to fit under the stand I have.

It turned out that there was not enough room in the sump so I plumbed it externally and it works just fine.

It does take a little while to break in and start producing skimmate...but it does an overall good job.


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2 important things I found with mine are the following:

1. get a pump 1 size larger than recommended
2. Have AquaC send you the 1" injector for $10

It made a world of difference in my case.

For you, I'd run it it on a mag24 plumbed straight to the injector with no valves or anything in between.

Good luck!
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I too am limited by inlet chamber space in my sump. I have about 6.5 x 12" to work with. I just bought an EV-120 last Friday. The store mated it with a Rio 2100 since that is the pump line they carry. Actually, they initially gave me the 1700. After reading some and dicking with it, I took it back and had them give me the 2100. I would have gone with the 2500 but I am not a big fan of Rio pumps and this one is destined for my resevoir for circulating the water in there. I plan to go with a Mag7 for the skimmer.

In a nutshell though, the skimmer hasn't been running 72hrs yet and it kicked in yesterday and has already pulled a lot out of the tank. I am very happy with the purchase.

Hey Waxxiemann: what's up with the 1" injector from Aqua C? Could you expand on that a little please?
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I ran a mag 24 on my ev 400 full blast open and never had a single problem. The thing producest unbelievable skimmate and yes do the 1" injector if you have not. That skimmer ROCKED with the mag 24 and 1" injector.