AquaController Jr question


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hi im looking into buing AquaController Jr
i like to get some input from people who own one
does it come with everything you need?
it states you can control up to 12 things ( does it have 12 sockets?) to plug stuff into them?
as far the PH goes do it come with the probe?
same for tamperature control?
and is it a good piece of equipment or should i look into something diffrent? thanks in advance for all replys
Great place to start

step 1 - determine what can be done

step 2 - decide what you want to do

step 3 - decide your budget

step 4 - decide what you need to do

step 5 - reconcile steps 2, 3, and 4


BTW - I have an ACJr w/ a DC8, a DCHD4, and an aquasurf (I don't use all the timers on the DC8) I am very happy but if I could have afforded the extra 2 hundred I would have gotten an AC3 because of the dual ph ability and expandable nature.