Aquaculture Tubs, group buy?


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I am in the process of trying to expand E.O.Smith's aquaculture facility to grow more corals. In my hunting I came across exactly the tanks I have been looking for. It is a fiberglass tub that is 8ft long x 2 ft wide x 1 ft deep. I figure that it is perfect for a raceway style growing tank with everyone getting lots of light since it is so shallow and an easy set up to create water movement in. The tank itself is about $140, which isn't too bad since it is about 120 gallons. The catch is that it is $125 to ship them, but the 125 goes for 1, 2, up to 6 tubs. Is anyone interested in going in to get one (or two?) of these and splitting the shipping. If I order 6 tubs, the shipping basically goes down to $21 per tub and the total cost is only $161. I am thinking of getting two of them (I hope my department head thinks this is a good idea!) so I have 4 more "spots." PM me if you are interested.
Not like those, it IS those. Sorry, I guess I could have put the link in there too.
As far as a website goes, we are working on it. E.O. Smith is the school and our coral aquaculture project is just getting going. so there is no E.O.Smith Aqua (that I know of).
OK, see what speed reading posts do! :spin2:
I like how shallow the tub is, but 8' is alot of a real estate to devote at this point in time, especialy since i have a 40 gal breeder beckoning me to become a frag tank... ;)
I understand. I was thinking people who were running sumps in their basement might want to set something like this up and grow frags out in it. I have the greenhouse so I wanted the longer tank. I looked at the shorter tanks and they are not much cheaper, some are actually more expensive.
No problem, if a few people take one, we make the 6 to get the best cost. Take a day or two to think about it, just let me know.
Did you try asking them for a shipping and /or product discount beacuse you're a school? It's worth a shot.
I've did a project at work with Aquatic Habitats - they seem to be good people.
Are they in stock and just havent updated their website? I saw they have been out of stock of that for a few weeks, another forum post had mentioned that he was using these and liked them..
I spoke with a rep from the company and he said that they have none right now but will be getting more in at the end of the month and he would set some aside from me. They appeared to me to be the perfect tub for what I want. I have a number of people who have expressed interest and some who have said that they are in. If people want in, let me know. I'd like to place the order sometime next week if I can.
So it looks like I'll have my six and then some. I am going to pick up 2 and have a few people who are in for sure and a few people who are thinking about it. I'd like to put together the order and place it at the start of next week if I can. If you are in for sure please PM me with a definite number you want so I can get this all set.

I haven't worked out the whole payment thing. I don't really know how people work the group buy thing but I'll figure that out when I get the list of people solidified. Thanks.
How do you all plan on supporting these tanks? Reading the product description, it appears that they are rather thin-walled ("not as thick as our regular tanks"). I hope that you plan to have support along the sides to prevent bowing as well as the bottom.

Just my $.02.

I would love one, but don't have the room in the basement,