aquafuge help!


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I'm in the process of getting and setting up my aquafuge HOB with skimmer on my new 60 gallon reef tank. I'm new to the hobby and not sure exactly how to set it up and any little advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Which part? Did you get the instructions? If not get them from CPRs website. Get some small rock pieces to fit in the fuge area and then put your macro algae in there. Your powerhead plugs into the inlet and sucks water into the system. Make sure you have some water on hand since it will lower the level in your tank.


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+1 for more info. I have one, you just put either sand or Fuge mud in it and Algae (I prefer Cheato and fill it with water. hang on back, level with the lower and top screws and plug in powerhead/ fuge light. I also like to hide other equipment in it like a heater.