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I've referred at least 20 people to this outfit and now that can't offer diddly in customer service.

All I needed was a new "Mold-a-holder" for an auto top off system that I purchased from them. It's a $4 item that I'm more than happy to pay for.

They won't drop it in an envelop with a couple of stamps. They want over $9 in shipping? From Chicago to St. Charles!

I just got one thing to say:

Auto top

Anyone know where to pick up this material? I'm sure its a material used for other purposes. Doubt they actually manufacture it.



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I actually contacted not too long ago when I switched my auto top off set up, needed a different bracket from what I havd...they actually offered to switch them out for free, they just wanted me to send my old bracket back. I thought that was definately some good customer service. Give them a call and see what they can do for you, I bet they will help you.

Edward Smith

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I've already sent two emails. They offered two dollars off in shipping. So now it will only be $7 for an envelope and a stamp.


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I was actually looking for that stuff earlier today. I did a google search for "moldable plastic hobby" and came up with a product sold on ebay, but whatever name it had was only UK sellers. Do some searching, you will come across it.


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Know a nurse or anyone that works in an Orthopaedic doctors office. This material is used for moldable hand splints and ocassionally used for splints for noses. Worth a try.


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That lexan (sp?) stuff can be molded into shapes like that by using a heat gun. I think that I've gotten it at Home Depot if I recall correctly.


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Is this what you need? If so its yours!


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Acrylic and a small propane torch. Get something the same width as you want to fit around(I used a 1x2 for something I made so it would fit over the top frame of a tank), heat it, and bend it around the piece. Drill your holes for the zipties to go through and you are done.