Aquamaxx 14000K 150w DE MH??


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Anybody every try these? MD has them on sale for really cheap right now.
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I've used both - Pheonix and Aquamaxx 14K DEs. The difference is marginal at best. If I had to pick one or the other - hmmmmm - probably Pheonix; unless there was a good deal on the Aquamaxx.


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I use Aquamaxx 400 SE 14K and I love them. From what I understand they are made by guys who used to be with Phoenix. The Aquamaxx are just so new that I haven't been able to find much data on them as far as PAR goes. Sanjay hasn't tested them. I will say that I love the color and I get good growth. They're also on sale right now at MD. I would give them a shot if for no other reason than you can get them cheap right now. I think as more people try these lights they will become highly recommended.