AquaMaxx or Reef Octopus for 120Gallon Tank


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I'm down to four choices. These budget friendly skimmers look tempting, but would like any opinions on them if anyone has these skimmers. I'm planning to stack my tank with high-end SPS corals, rare zoas, high-end chalices, etc. I currently have an AquaMaxx Zeovit Reactor, so I would think it'll look nice with an AquaMaxx skimmer. Any thought would be appreciated!

1. AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM-200 (Up to 240g)
2. AquaMaxx AM-300S (Up to 300g)
3. AquaMaxx Cone 2 (Up to 375g)
4. Reef Octopus Diablo 6 Inch 160 XS Space Saver (Up to 160g)


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Hey Ryun.... I'd say go with the REEF!! I love mine and can attest for the ease of functionability and price!! GL to you!

Dexters Reef

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I have the diablo 160xs. Very good build quality, easy to adjust, produces quality skimmate. Runs best in 8-9 inches of water. I modified the output with a rubber T coupler and some PVC so the output was underwater to reduce noise. Cost about 20 and everything was at home depot. If you get the skimmer and want to do this, pm me and I'll send you a link with part numbers and instructions.