AquaMaxx skimmer ? (WS vs Co-1)

Orm Embar

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Well, my new Red Sea Reefer 170 is on order (I ordered the Deluxe with the Hydra HD and included light mount). What I'm trying to determine is the skimmer, since this is a sump-containing system.

My understanding is that the Red Sea sump is 8". The tank volume is 34 gallons, and the total system volume is 43 gallons.

The tank will generally house softies and LPS, and may be run skimmerless with macroalgae in the display tank (and possibly in a refugium, depending on how big the skimmer is).

I'm looking for a small-footprint skimmer, ideally with a reliable (Sicce) pump. The 2 I'm looking most at are both by Aquamaxx/JNS - the WS-1 and the Co-1 (I'd order the JNS Co-1 for cost reasons). I'm leaning towards the WS-1 as it has a smaller footprint (bigger refugium) and is more water level suited; I've heard that the Co-1 splashes a lot and doesn't skim optimally in 8" of water.

I haven't listed the Simplicity 120 or Bubble Magus models as they use different (and possibly less reliable) pumps, and Reef Octopus is more money for a not necessarily better skimmer.

Which would you pick, and why? For the Co-1, how do you minimize splashing noise in 8" water?

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I have my co1 in 9.5 inches of water so I can't lament on the splashing sound it's dead silent for me. I don't see where the splashing sound can come from as the water outlet is further down below 8inches. I've found that if you have a low bio load it's better to place the skimmer in deeper water vice versa.

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Orm Embar

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Well, the price on the Cone Co-1 skimmer went up while I debated, so I ended up going with the Somatic S60 skimmer. Definitely on the bigger side footprint-wise, but it has a Sicce pump, looks to be well made with all of the relevant features (including a bubble plate), and is under $200. On sale for $20 off at BRS.

When I get it in, I will (hopefully!) post some pics.