AquaMedic Bulbs


I bought a used AquaMedic light fixture and I`m going to by replacement bulbs soon. I`ve heard that AquaMedic fixtures do the best with AquaMedic bulbs. Is this true or just an attempt to push their bulbs? Some say other brands of bulbs don`t last as long as they should and sometimes don`t fit right. If I can buy other manufactuers bulbs, then which ones are better than others? I need 2-250w halides and 2-T5 atinics. I think I`ll try the 14k halides to see if I can get some more color in the tank.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Not true IMO - I would go with the 14K Phoenix and some sort of true actinic for the t5's. I pulled the Aquamedic bulbs out 3 weeks after I bought my fixtures.


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The Aqualine AB Bulbs that come with the AquaMedic are some of the best bulbs, but they are pricey and they come in only a few colors. Like you, I bought a used AquaMedic light fixture. I replaced the AB bulbs with Phoenix 14000K DE bulbs, and love them.

Your fixture should have come with an M80 ballast (magnetic) which should drive any DE bulb, and I've read that as far as DE bulbs go, the Phoenix 14000K DE are among the best in terms of color and growth. Many people run their Phoenix 14000K without actinic supplementation.