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I'm looking at purchasing a 72" MH T5 combination fixture. One absolute is my wife does not want to have the lights shining in her eyes when she's looking at the tank. That's extremely evident when sitting down, so that the light is above the viewer's eyes.

I notice that the AquaMedic Oceanlight fixtures include a light shield. I was wondering how effective it is.

Your website lists the 3 x 250 unit as a "Spacelight" fixture while the 4 x 250 and 3 x 150 fixtures are "OceanLight". What is the difference between the two? I'm interested in the 3 x 250 fixture. I didn't see the SpaceLight listed on the AquaMedic website.

I also just want to verify that it comes with all bulbs, ballasts and a hanging kit.

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One other question. Do these fixtures and ballasts include fans or are they convection cooled?


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The light shield will work as long as the fixture is not set high off the tank... everything is relative.

The older versions had the ballasts inside the hood which made it very heavy. The new Ocean Light fixtures are now separated.

The Ocean Light Plus do not have fans installed. The magnetic Reeflex Ballasts are external ballasts and have fans included. The Ocean Light T5s have cooling fans installed.

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks