aquarium parts for sale


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I have the following items that I would like to get rid of. most of the items are used but in working condition. I'm not placing a price on any of the items but expect a fair price. I would also consider trading for a calcium reactor, live rock, fish, coral, or invertebrates. Please feel free to contact me at 954.801.5013 or

1 VHO 430 Icecap ballast with harness and sockets
1 CustomSeaLife, Inc. 2-Lamp 96 watt ballast
1 Sunpaq Retrofit driver 2-Lamp 96 watt ballast
1 400 watt metal halide ballast
1 gray stand (48"x13"x28.5")inside height is 24"(used for a standard 55 gal)
1 200 gal or 900gph Pro Clear Aquatic wet/dry system
3 Coralife 96 watt actinic's(1 still in the box)bulbs
2 Coralife 96 watt 10,000k bulbs

This is a link to a photo album with the items, there were too many to post on here.