Aquarium yard Sale


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Well my parents are having a garage sale so I thought I will try to have my own mini "marine/reef garage sale". I am leaving for school in 2 weeks so I need all of this equipment gone.

Here are some of the misc. items I have for sale:

seachem mag.
seachem calcium
b-ionic 2 part solution
Pinpoint pH probe and monitor
new 15g aqueon aquarium
few of HOB filters
xm10k 250w MH
dead rock rubble
lots of other misc. chemicals
filter media
breeder net
2-black 8" fans
sump light
mics. random plumbing parts
misc. maxijet parts lots
phytoplankton setup everything you need
ro/di unit

and a bunch of other misc. items I cannot remember.

So if you want a great price on some random misc. aquarium items please come on by!

821 Mockingbird lane Plantation FL 33324 tomorrow from 8am-2pm and same on Sunday.