Aquascaping - did I do okay?

the lars

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hey guys,

after a few years I'm getting back into the hobby with a Aqua Medic 500xd
The dimensions are 49 inches wide, 25,6 inches deep and 21,6 inches high.

I bought dry Caribsea life rock and scaped something up - highest point of the aquascape sits at about 11 inches.

Here is a small video, which should be uploaded in a couple of minutes:

my phone is pretty crappy :spin2:

thank you :)

Michael Hoaster

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Love it! Consider adding one live rock to seed the life rocks. This will help speed up the cycle and add biodiversity.

the lars

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Yea will think about some pieces of rock in the sump. Not really keen on adding them to the display directly..too much risk of pests getting in. Now I just have to wait for the PVC to arrive and my Clarisea SK3000..try to keep it clean this time around :D

Ordered 40lbs of Caribsea shapes, and 40lbs of the normal rock. Next time I would choose 40lbs shapes, 20lbs rock and maybe 20lbs from Real Reef Rock to add some plates.